Nabeelah. 21. Female. :› I'm from Cape Town, South Africa. :› nice to meet you! You can call me Beela.

I am a/an Twilight, Harry Potter, Fanfiction, The Vampire Diaries, ROBERT PATTINSON!, Kristen Stewart, Dramione & also Dramionaise, Glee, TOM FELTON!/Draco Malfoy, Emma Watson/Hermione Granger, cheese , RZZMG (Fanfiction Author), PARAMORE, Rock, Nandos, SPOBY!, Keegan Allen, The 100, Kelly Clarkson, Ian Somerhalder/DAMON SALVATORE,Colton Haynes, Zayn Malik, The Hunger Games, Makeup obsessed human being. I'm crazy half the time and my favorite color is Green! I love nature and winter. Lol I'm extremely weird :) I don't care. I dislike the color pink and think olives are dumb! I love the guitar, I could literally watch someone play for hours.

I've always wanted to visit London. oh and Paris. Hmmm what else... I'm friendly and I love meeting new people. I'm most happy when people smile. And that's about it.

-The Diary of a Potty Mouth.

Twitter: @beelaD107_
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